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EASIFILL - now available

Automatic Dispensing and Sampling Pumps - options for a Basic model or the Cyclic Moduler Unit - with options for a range of timed options and pumps - just call us - we can customise a pump for you whatever the flow rate


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a simple basic digital dispensing pump

perhaps the lowest cost pump you will find

The EasiFill is a low cost peristaltic pump dispenser. Liquids and viscous fluids are contained within the pump tube, which prevents contamination, and allows clean easy dispensing of almost any fluid including sterile agar and cell culture media.

A built in 0-99.9 seconds timer allows automatic dispensing of fixed volumes Powered by a simple 12v DC power supply. . The compact lightweight design allows the pump to be hand held for placing over the work area, even inside laminar flow cabinets.

Lightweight - easy to move around work area to facilitate rapid dispensing in any location

Typical Applications

  • MicroBiology - filling petri dishes, contact plates etc. with hot agar media, sterile filling of vials.
  • Medical - aseptic dispensing for laboratory fluids.
  • PCB manufacture - dispensing solder flux, and process solutions.
  • Printing applications - Inks and coatings
  • Chemical - all types can be dispensed, aqueous, organic, volatile.
  • Food Processing - easy dispensing of fluids and slurries.
  • Peristaltic Pump with 12v DC motor, 110 rpm, mounted in ABS box.. Simple control for dispensing time
  • Tube Diam Flow rates
  • 3.2mm max. 50 ml/ min
  • 4.8mm max. 130 ml/min
  • Uses tubing - 3.2, 4.8 mm bore, 1.6mm wall, Silicone (autoclavable) or neoprene.
  • Quick Change Pump Head option
  • Built in Timer - user set from 0.1 to 99.9 seconds allows automatic dispensing range of 1ml to 215 ml
  • Dimensions: Easifill Pump/control box - 190x100x80mm., Wht. 700g
  • Power supply: External 12DC 1.0amp, switch mode input 110-240v AC

The Easifill Modular Cyclic Dispenser Pump

The illustrated pump controller is powered by 12v DC switch mode external power supply - This is very simple and inexpensive way to power the pump

The settings are made using just three momentary switches and potentiometer control knob.

Typically this would have setting of up to 60 seconds run time and 60 seconds pause time but we can make up customised version of a USB controlled pump to suit your requirements - The low costs will surprise you - call or email

Operation is very simple - The Menu switch toggles through four modes, Set Run Tuime, Set Pause Time, Start Pump and Boost Pump

The Select Switch moves into the displayed mode - so user can set the Run and Pause Times with the Potentiometer, or Start the pump cycling through Run/Pause times, or finally Boost (continuous running) for priming the pump.

The pump can be used with larger of smaller pump models - the image on the left shows the larger pump module (up to 500ml.min) and a smaller pump module (up to 100 ml/min)


See the pump system in operation on youtube at this link:





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